One World One Heart Giveaway

I'm really delighted to be participating in the One World One Heart Giveaway! This is my first year participating and it seems like such fun! I'd like to give a very special thanks to the woman behind the event, Lisa of A Whimsical Bohemian. She's putting a tremendous amount of work into all of this and I surely hope she knows how much it's appreciated!

With that said, I suppose it's time to showcase the giveaway... I'm giving away this blog theme titled "Magical Carpet" to one lucky winner.

The theme includes two different colored backgrounds, one in blue and one in white, both in 2 and 3 column sizes...

...two banners which fit either a 2 column or a 3 column blog...

... and a set of these darling Magic Carpet side bar tags...

The banners and tags come in the same png format I normally use which means they offer a transparent background for a unique dimensional see-through effect.

This is a one-of-a-kind set and will not be duplicated, which is a shame because I'm totally in love with the little carpet tags, lol!

As with all of my themes this one is created for a Blogger Minima template which I realize not all of my giveaway visitors use Blogger so for this giveaway only I will not only be sending the code to the winner but will also include the actual background images so hopefully this will help a bit if the winner has a Word Press blog.

So good luck to everyone who enters and thank you so much for visiting!