What's the Date?

We must check the calendars at least five times a day (probably more). There's always some reason; either a date to circle or a previous day to look back on. Although we're usually prepared with the new year; having added them to our holiday lists, for some reason they slipped our minds this time around. For the past two weeks we've been checking blank spaces where there normally would be days and dates each time muttering how we really should to pick one up.

We're an odd family, we'll go to buy a gift for someone and realize we could have made something lovely and personal. Why is it that we always seem to fall back on our familiar pasts of just buying something instead of making it?  It seems our calendar dilemma was no different but fortunately we made the realization sooner than later.

And so with that we're introducing our new line of 2015 Calendars, the first of which is shown above. Each will feature our unique whimsical style with an inspirational message and will come in 8 1/2 x 11. They'll be available for purchase through our Etsy shop in both print-yourself and pre-printed formats  We're still working on an assortment of new designs but you can find the one above at this link:


The Winds of Change

Change is in the air and it's been a long time coming. Over the past year I've been working on my website as time permitted and finally have things set. Perfect? No. Doable? Yes.

Heaven knows it doesn't take a year to build a site, at least not when it comes to creating them for my customers, but as with so many other things in life, we tend to push our own projects to the bottom of the list as it grows.  With my recent entry into the wonderful world of WordPress, and with Blogger sadly featuring more and more full page "pop-up" ads, the time has finally come to make some major changes.

Over the next several days or week (since nothing  goes quite as it should with websites) I will be going live with the Plumrose Lane website and migrating my blog over to WordPress. From a visual standpoint there will be little difference, for now.  All of the usual content will remain; themes, blogging goodies, tutorials, and past blog posts.  Fortunately WordPress offers some fantastic widgets to make the process simple.

It's also a nice opportunity for those of you who may have been thinking about making the same changes yourself ~ you can watch and see how the transition goes from an by-stander's point of view.

So bear with things as the fairies and I undergo some changes here on Plumrose Lane and look for more changes in the coming weeks as I begin evolving all of my themes to include new WordPress versions!



The Cloud

Posted on my favorite go-to art/design source this morning was this incredibly cool creation by designer Richard Clarkson...

Clarkson has created Cloud, "an interactive light shaped like a cumulus cloud that simulates a thunderstorm both in light and sound, based on external input from either a remote control or motion sensors."



Face Lifts~

While I may not be a fan of face lifts, I certainly enjoy giving them... at least to some of my older themes, in much need of an updated look.  Joining this group are "A Fondness" and "A Heart for You".

Both don brighter colors with more exquisite elements to help add even more whimsy. You can view them by clicking the titles or images above.


New Themes ~ Sea Gypsy & Scholastic Delight

Two new themes are making their debut today ~ the first is titled "Sea Gypsy" and features a lovely sea theme with magic abounding.  From shells and smashing waves to sandy shores and a haunting romance of lost lovers at sea, this theme is sure to enchant any summer blog!

Next up we've got a more down to earth theme, both in color and concept. This one's titled "Scholastic Delight" and features a soothing color scheme with a scholastic ensemble. It comes in three background colors, features two sets of sidebar tags, including one especially designed for school blogs, and the banner is customizable to include two of your own school photos, making it truly personal and one-of-a-kind banner.

Both are available for either WordPress or Blogger platforms. You can find more info by clicking the titles and/or images above.