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Image Title Issue ~ Fix & Freebie

I know many of us have struggled for a long time with the "Image" gadget. Gone were the days when we could leave the "Title" area blank.  It had been nice when using sidebar tags because, well let's face it, using a title above a title is a bit redundant. ;~)

Recently while wandering through blogland I happened upon a fix (yay!).  It seems that whenever you type in a small snippet of code, it tricks the gadget into thinking there's a title so when published, nothing shows up. This enables all of us using tags to once again use them as section titles, whoot!

Here is the code:

Just type or copy it into the "Title" area of the Image gadget, insert your image and then click save ~ you'll be all set!

To celebrate I'm offering this free set of sidebar tags! Just click the button below to download and save the set to your computer. They can be used as section titles or even linked images if you prefer.   I've included a lot of extra titles too (more than my regular sets) so you've got a lot more options for uses. Just remember to add that snippet of code above and you'll be all set!



Goodbye "Picture Window" ~ Hello "Simple"

Recently I'd noticed that the Picture Window template had changed and the tutorial I wrote several years ago didn't seem to be working anymore. The problem seemed to be in the Html area and the built in presets, including a white center color, weren't disappearing the way they once did. This might have been fine except the awful white center  sat directly over my pretty themes, humph!

So the time had come to do some research and see if I couldn't come up with something better.  After many hours of playing and tinkering I'm happy to say that I've come up with a new tutorial. This one uses the "Simple" template and the best part is it's even easier, yay!  Now bloggers won't have to tackle the scary Html code area anymore.  The template even offers some added customization which is nice too.

So if you're interested in taking a look or have that awful white center on your own blog then click the title below to view the newest addition to my tutorials library:
How to: Setup and Modify the "Simple" Template.


Just when you think everything's peachy with those nasty gremlins their big ugly uncle comes a'visitin'...

At this point I'm rather speechless with all the image issues we had and I'm sure all of you are even more frustrated and baffled. I do sincerely apologize. Even though these type of things are out of our control we can't help but feel a sense of responsibility for it all.

Today's issue was caused from a server outage with GoDaddy so none of our lovely PrL images were showing up, not even my website. ugh! Several headaches later, the issue has been resolved and all is as it should be. (you may need to refresh/delete your browser cookies to see them again)

Sometimes I think about getting out of  theme game, although there aren't alot of problems they sure do wreak havoc when there are... but then I remember how much I love making pretty things. So if the monsters are done now, the faeries and I can get back to work~~


Updated Codes for Free Backgrounds

This is in addition to the previous posts below and is related to the recent glitch that make my Plumrose Lane images go missing.

I've just finished updating all of the free background codes so if you're using one of those backgrounds you can go ahead and replace the code.

Just find the background from the list on this page: and click on the background you were using. Then find the size for your blog, copy the code below it, and paste it over the previous background code.

Please feel free to leave comments if you have any questions or need help~


Update to Previous Post

Here's a bit more info from my last post about missing images, just in case there was some confusion... 
Paid Users: If you purchased a banner or a complete theme from me in the past then contact me through email (click my signature below) and I will send you the link to the new theme page. That way you will have all of the codes for that theme ~ no additional cost is required.

Free Users: If you were using one of my blog themes that used to be free and you still have the code installed on your blog then you can follow the instructions in my last post to fix the issue. The images will return and there will be no cost to you. This way my previous freebie users are still included ~ love you guys too♥

Installations: If I installed one of my themes on your blog in the past then just follow this tutorial to add me as a guest: I will re-install everything so your blog is back to what it was before. You'll need my email address for the tutorial so go ahead and click my signature at the end of this posting to get that and while you're at it you can send me a quick message letting me know you'll be adding me. ;~)

And remember that all of my "Just Backgrounds" are still available for free and will remain that way. You can click this title to access the page.

Hope that helps everyone and thanks for your patience! *shakes fist at gremlins*


Gone Missing? Here's the Fix~~

It seems the internet gremlins have been up to no-good and many of my lovely Plumrose Lane images have gone missing, humph!!  If you find they're missing from your blog and you installed the images yourself then use the steps below to easily fix them.

If I installed the theme for you, then click my signature at the bottom of this message to send me an email and we'll get things back up for you~

To fix the missing images you will be replacing a single word in some code on your blog. Here's a quick key of where to find the different codes for each image type.

Click on the "Layout" section of your blog then locate the "Html/Java Script" gadget for your background.

Post Divider
Click on the "Template" section of your blog, then click on "Customize". Click on "Advanced", then scroll down to "Add CSS". The code should appear under the "Add custom CSS" area.

Blog Signature
Click on the "Settings" page of your blog. Click "Posts and comments", code will be found in the "Post Template" area, 2nd choice from the top.

Button, Badge, or Tag
Click on the "Layout" section of your blog then locate the "Html/Java Script" gadget for missing button, badge, or tag.

The Fix
Once you find the code to fix the missing image you will simply need to replace the word: "prl-images" with "plumroselane". This word may appear several times within one snippet of code so I recommend using the "Find" feature in your browser to make sure you replaced them all.

Here are quick search links to help you find this tool for the most commonly used browsers:
Internet Explorer
Fire Fox

Once all of the words have been replaced then click "Ok" or "Save". The missing image should now be back.

Please feel free to contact me if you  need any additional help ~ just click my signature below to open an email message.