A Helping Hand

We all know blogging is great fun, it's what brings us together in blogland. We enjoy writing and sharing our thoughts, feelings and photos about the things we love. But there's a more challenging side to blogging which often keeps us from truly enjoying the experience... the dreaded technical stuff.

Let's face it... getting in and probing behind-the-scenes of our blogs can often feel like a lonely walk on a dark night.

Well... did you know I'm willing to give a helping hand? That's right! I'm here to give assistance to those of you who may not have the know-how OR just have better things to do with their time.

You may be looking for something simple, like setting up a few sidebar images or you may want your entire blog theme changed. You might want a 3 column layout or you might be looking to go back to a 2 column layout. Whatever your situation, I'm here to help you out.

Simply contact me via email to discuss what you're looking to do with your blog. We'll go over the items on your list and the cost. Payment is easy & affordable. You pay me and I get to work, turning your blog into the dream blog you're looking for.

It's safe and easy! You'll add me as a temporary user and delete me when the work is completed. Simply follow an easy step-by-step tutorial (you can take a peak by clicking here) and I'll personally go into your blog, fix things the way you want them, and voila! A gorgeous blog, just the way you want it, without the headaches!

OR you can save money and simply buy an hour of my help. I'll do the work in an hour for one low price. Simply click the button below and you're off to saving time & money.

Whatever the blog job, whatever you need, I can help you finally enjoy your blogging experience by taking away the worries & hassles and letting you get back to what you love about being here... blogging.

A special thanks to my 14 yr old son for helping me with this posting as sales and marketing are definitely NOT my forte. ;-)