IA Weekly Challenge ~ "Pink"

This week I had an opportunity to participate in the Inspiration Avenue weekly challenge. The theme was "pink" and being this shade is near and dear to my little plumrose heart I decided to venture outside my comfort zone and try something new ~ painting. Truth be told I haven't painted in over 10 years, probably due to lack of time, but I really enjoyed this challenge which certainly turned out to be just that... a challenge.

My techniques are definitely a bit rusty and only having some of my son's leftover acrylic paints from elementary school to play with was a bit limiting. I had better hopes for the heart too but remembered after the fact that lighter colors do not go over darks very well ~ strange how we forget basics like that... oh well. I now own a set of watercolor crayons in lieu of the upcoming free class I'm participating in next week which I'm really looking forward to trying out. So hopefully my future efforts will improve with time.

Inspiration Avenue weekly challenges are great fun and they're open to anyone with a blog and a creative spirit. Hope to see you there sometime and as always...