Happy New Year! ~ The Gratitude List

I thought a nice way to begin the New Year was through an act of giving back. It's a way for me to say thank you to all of my wonderful customers for their continued support. The truth is I love what I do so much and although it's a struggle to get by sometimes, I feel blessed that I can help make blogland a little prettier with each creation.

The list ~
I would like to show my appreciation to all of you who are doning one of my original themes on your own blog. And so, I am forming a list of all those bloggers who are currently doning one of my complete themes on their blog. Whether your theme was a custom order job or one of my prefab creations I would like to include you in the list.

The giveback gift ~
Few may know this but my blog receives over 240,000 page views per month and on average between 600 - 900 visitors each week, with that number continuing to grow. All those views can equal a great way to gain exposure for your own blog and if you're running an online business, that can translate into much valued exposure for your creations.

So if you're currently using one of my complete themes ~ background, banner, and sidebar tags, please be sure to leave a comment with your blog link. I will then add your info to the Gratitude List on the sidebar of my blog. This list will stay up throughout the year so feel free to add your link below at any time.


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