My New Babies & Several Updates

Well, it's great to be back after a forced vacation, thanks to my dying computer, and I've got a few new babies to show off as well as some updates. Turns out my old computer had an issue with it's BIOS and it doesn't surprise me that it was something obscure since we had the thing protected to the max. I love my new super fast laptop though and it's pretty cool to be portable too.

But, better the above baby is this little angel who's finally out of ICU and home with his mom & dad. We had the chance to visit our first grandson the other night and it was wonderful to hold him. Boy does it feel strange to think I'm a grandma but life is filled with fun and obscure twists & turns, so we go with the flow and see where it takes us. The shot was taken on my son's phone so it's not the best but of course it's priceless to us.

My classes are humming along too ~ we're continuing to work with shadowing in Art and we've finished the first part of our clay portraits in Sculpting. Once they dry we'll be painting them which should be loads of fun. I ended up going with an air dry clay which is easier to work with but the smaller leaves and buds are so brittle. Fortunately we'll be painting the pieces so epoxy can be used to repair any broke pieces, whew!

Our relocation is still a ways off and so we're at that stage where boxes are beginning to pile up patiently awaiting moving day. We did find a wonderful home with loads of character which we hope to one day call our own ~ an early 1900s home with 2 fireplaces, a claw-foot tub, and a third floor that begs to be fixed up and home to an eventual studio for me and an office/library for my hubby.

While my art teacher is always telling us to "take a step back" and really look at what you're working on, it's amazing to put that same tool to use in day-to-day life. Taking a step back from everything leaves us in complete awe and utterly grateful for all the blessings we've encountered so far. Even when the unexpected happens, like a dead computer, it's simply cause for a course adjustment and realigning ourselves temporarily ~ you just never know what life has in store so why not enjoy the journey. I hope you're all enjoying a wonderful journey this week~

As a last little note, I'd like to wish a very ♫Happy Birthday♫ to my own middle baby. Although he's a far cry off from the days of diapers and skinned knees he'll always be my little boy. Now, a wonderful budding musician and composer his days are filled working two jobs, performing, and co-running an open mike night for other performers. Always so proud of my hardworking, talented son I'm taking this space to say Happy Birthday Jesse ~ I've no doubt this coming year will be filled with more magic and adventure! If you'd like to gift him for his Birthday just click this link to fan his music Facebook page ~ I know he'd appreciate it.