Customer Shout Out & Home Sweet Home

Well, we're finally getting settled into our new home ~ have I mentioned how much I dislike moving?? Truth is we're exhausted and I'd love nothing more than to join my feline companion for a little cat nap. Honestly though, the entire experience went rather smoothly and I'm happy to know that most of the journey behind us now ~ just a few loose ends to finish up with.

As an icebreaker for getting back into the swing of things I thought a little shout-out for one of the recent custom order jobs I worked on might be nice. So here is a peek at Suburban Retreat's new blog theme.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the hostess, Lisa, and just love how the eclectic French shabby chic theme turned out. Lisa possesses such a fabulous eye for chic decor and it's always such a pleasure visiting her blog.

I have a few new goodies coming soon too ~ some new blog backgrounds and themes so look for those in the coming days and in the meantime...


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