Gulp ~ Where are my images??

Ok... this isn't pretty, is it?!? It appears my tride and true image storage company has decided to glitch out and call it "maintenance". So, I'm sending out a VERY sincere apology to all of my customers.
They claim this "maintenance" will be taken care of by this morning but in the meantime I'm scrambling to find a new ~ more reliable ~ image hosting company.

Thank you for your patience~

Update: Photobucket has posted that they now intend on having the issue resolved by 11pm tonight. Here is a link to their Twitter which they are utilizing for updates: http://twitter.com/photobucket

4/13 Update: Photobucket still ensures all images are safe and they are working hard to restore all image links. Updates are being posted at:


Thank you again to all of my customers for your continued patience. I pay each month for a business account with Photobucket so that we can all enjoy uninterrupted images, so this is a huge shock for all of us.

Again, if you need your images I can post them on a temporary site ~ just send me the info related to your blog (link and theme title) to my email address: plumroselane at gmail dot com and I'll email you the temporary code with a followup once the situation is fixed.

Thanks so much for your patience♥