"Followers" ~ Where'd They Go?

I'm just popping in on this holiday weekend to give a little heads up on the "Followers" issue. Some (or all) of you may have noticed the lack of that Followers gadget on your sidebar. Seems Blogger is undergoing a little glitch in this area. I've checked into it and they are aware of the situation so hopefully it will be a fixed shortly.

I try to remember during times like these that Blogger does offer our blogs for free ~ it's a big help when things start glitching our here in blogland.

Can you imagine what life would be like without blogs and blogland? All those creative souls we've touched and friendships we've made would never have been. Not mention, I'd be out of a job, hah! So here's a big ThAnKs to Blogger for giving us a voice to touch the world, one creative soul at a time ~ now just fix our "Followers"... please. ;D


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