One of My Favs ~ Happy Mother's Day

One of my favorite days is coming up this weekend ~ that's right, Mother's Day! Close friends and family know I Lo♥oVe being a Mom. It's really very funny because when I was younger I had this corporate woman/travel the world mentality and didn't want children but the arrival of my first son changed all that. Something about having to put someone else's needs before mine changed my heart and perspective through the years.

My children have taught me more than I could ever have imagined and I can't help but think they were responsible for softening that 'take-charge' woman into a gooey ~ cry at the sappiest commercial ~ kind of gal. There's just something about a little hand holding yours as you skip through the grass chasing butterflies that softens your heart. ;D

So, in honor of Motherhood and all of you wonderful Moms out there who live for the tiny hugs around your neck and knees ~ even if they're only a part of the past now ~ I'd like to wish you a very Happy Mother Day!

Of course my little posting wouldn't be complete without adding a minor business plug ~ gotta feed those hungry mouths after all ;D ~ and so I'm giving a shout out to some new digital images I created in honor of this celebration. These newest goodies are a selection of digital sheets ~ tags & 1 x 2 domino size images featuring quotes and verses celebrating Motherhood which you can find listed in my shop.

And last but not least, I leave you with a few new buttons to honor this special day ~ these were two of my favorites sayings from the selection of new tags I created and so I've made them into new blog badges as gifts from me to you.

Mother What was War? badge

A Mother's Heart badge


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