♫School's Out for Summer♫

Yes, I'm singing and doing the happy dance today! I've finally arrived at my last day of classes, whew! I can't remember there last time I felt such relief from the arrival of summer ~ it's certainly been ages.

This first semester back to college has been amazing and I've learned SO much but the sheer amount of stress has been nearly overwhelming at times.

Of course undergoing a move and juggling a freelance business weren't the easiest choices and time management was definitely my adversary but threw it all, the terrific teachers and wonderful students helped to make the process a bit more manageable. Oh and I can't forget my wonderful Personal Coach too, it's something the university provides to assist first year students and she was a huge source of inspiration too.

All in all it was a great experience and although I'm looking forward to moving on to my new classes next Fall for now I'm relishing in the days off and welcoming the opportunity to focus my creative energies back on full time graphics work for the next few months, whoot!

I've included a sampling of some final project shots and as always, I hope you...


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