Cool Tools

I know many of you are like me and have your Etsy shops where you sell your own handmade creations. Those of you who do use Etsy also know they've undergone some amazing changes over the past several months; reinventing their page layouts, adding new functionality, and a slew of other features that even now, I'm just beginning to explore.

Today, I noticed a new link on my sidebar ~ it may have been there for ages but I just happen to find it today and it's titled "Apps" (last link under the "Your Account" section).

There I found a plethora of cool apps to help promote our shops and assist us in getting more from our Etsy experience. While perusing the list I found this fabulous Treasury tool from Etsy Treasuries.

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With this tool you can either select to show Treasuries you've created, such as those show which were curated by me, or ones that your own creations are featured in. The application features 3 size settings so creating for smaller spaces works too.

While the list is long and will take some time to go through I'll be sure to pass on any more fab finds from this section and if you've come across any you favor please feel free to share them in your comment.


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