On a Personal Note~

While reading the paper this morning I noticed notice a short article spotlighting a new book ~ it was the photo that caught my attention and the title Best Friends Forever quickly drew me in. I've never particularly liked watching or reading about animals as their nature tends to be too brutal for me but I was immediately captivated by the thought that nearly polar opposites in nature were attracted to one another and beyond that have been creating long term bonds.

For me personally this speaks of a sense of consciousness that rises above our animalistic nature to weave intimate connections and that truly inspires me. This life can be filled with so much down turn that I always welcome a sense of true hope, especially if it's delivered through the most unlikely sources. The article was written around a new book and offered a link to images of more unlikely friendships which I've included below in case you're interested in finding out more...

book link

Unlikely Friendships

Extended photos from article link


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