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Turns out my favorite online wholesaler is holding yet another sale. I can't help but ask ~ "How many sales can one company hold in a year"?? Being true to my word though I'm continuing to follow up on my New Year's resolution and will be holding another one too ~ I can't deny it's taken the guesswork out of the sale process, and that's a huge help.

I also wanted to give some feedback on new tool I used with my last sale, Etsy on Sale. I found the program to be easy to use and it processed some great qualities as well as a few drawbacks.

Pros ~ I found it very helpful that they automatically reduced all of my listing prices and inserted the words "On Sale", even when I added new listing the automatic reduction kicked in. It was nice that I didn't have to hassle with setting up coupon codes too. It seemed to run seamlessly and I enjoyed that when the sale was over, the program did all the work for me since my sales usually end at midnight and I'd rather be in bed at that time.

Cons ~ One of the drawbacks I didn't care for where that reductions are set on everything which meant if I had a special order I needed to post, it's price was reduced along with all of the others. The system also works on a credit system so once you run out of the few free credits they offer for signing up, you either have to pay for more or earn them through referring friends who sign up. There's also a bit of a delay on getting the sale rolling as the bot goes through and chances everything over.

All in all, it was a toss up for me and truth be told, I would rather use the service than have my customers hassle with inserting codes but until I find the time to ask a few friends if they wouldn't mind being referred I'll be reverting back to the tried and true coupon method.

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