Won Something ~ a shout out

I love winning things ~ don't you? While adding last month's giveaway to the list on Etsy Giveaways, I happened upon one from Embracelets designs I had loads of fun perusing the Embracelets designs Etsy shop and finally settled on this whimsical Wish necklace in Sterling Silver...

I'm usually a "believe" kind of gal but those three little stars leapt out at me when I thought of my three wonderful sons and how I wish all kinds of happiness for them. My lovely necklace arrived a short time later in fabulous coordinating packaging with loads of pizazz ~ I'm such a pushover for fine packaging.

I would definitely gift her gorgeous creations and actually plan on swaying a few of those above mentioned sons to gift some silver finery from Embracelets designs this holiday season ~ no... not for me but rather for their better halves ~ my husband will receive my own wishlist. ;D

Anyways, if you have a chance, check out her beautiful designs ~ oh, just be sure to leave these fabulous pearl earrings ~ I so covet them!


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