Fun Facebook Tool

As a member of Facebook I see so many people playing games ~ you know, like the ones with farms and mafias or is it mafias on farms? Who knows. For me, time is always a factor and I just don't have much to spend outside of customers, family, and creativity. So... when it comes to fun applications I like the fast ones, you know ~ 2.3 seconds or less.

Fitting neatly within that time frame is this fun little gadget called ~ Fun Wheel. The app uses algorithms and coloring to match all your FB friends and the way they link together, and all in a matter of seconds. What you end up with is something that looks like this...

That's mine shown above and I think it's really fascinating (or maybe I'm just a pushover for pretty colors, hah!)

Anyways, if you're on Facebook and want some quick fun you can give it a whirl by visiting this application link.


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