What's Your Rating??

Ok, this is really cool! My husband was listening to a marketing class the other night and stumbled upon this website that analyzes your site. It uses algorithms and links and whatnots and... oh, it could have been little trolls on bikes for all I cared...

The point is you visit, type in your website (or blog) and voila! you get an instant grade on your page ~ how it ranks with other sites, how well it's laid out, how many visitors and links you have, etc., etc...

It's a really fabulous tool because it not only helps you see how your site ranks but it also helps you improve your grade ~ case in point... I was missing a bunch of meta tags, who knew?? So I popped a few in using another nifty site ( and cha-ching ~ my grade went up a point, woohoo!

Personally the timing couldn't be better, what with the new corners my little business is turning ~ offering Sponsors and other fabulous goodies I'll be announcing shortly ~ and I couldn't be happier with that grade of 97%! *thud* Yep... that was me hitting the floor when I first saw it, but... I really started doin' the happy dance when I saw that my Alexa rank was in the top 6.37% of all websites ~ holly molly!!

So, give it a go, see what your own business, blog, or website comes up with and remember, you can always increase your score by improving little tweeks here and there. The most important thing is... have fun!


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