You know... some postings are just plain difficult to write. This is one of them. The truth is ~ I find myself feeling the need to share what's going on, if for no other reason than my business is on such a personal level with my customers and all too often we wind up becoming friends. I think it may have to do with the way I go about creating ~ it's on a strangely intuitive level where I tend to "connect" with my clients, which in the end enables me to create the theme or images of their dreams. Whatever the case ~ because my 'business' is so 'personal' I feel I have to make it known that my husband and I are divorcing.

It's painful and challenging and affecting my life on so many levels but it's something that after years of trying so hard to help him and make things work, it's time to throw-in-the-towel and just move on. As always I'm doing the best I can but because I aspire to such a high standard in everything I do, I can't help but feel I'm falling short. I don't handle failing very well ~ really who of us does ~ but I have to try and use the same positive attitude that's helped me get through the past 6 years of heartaches and hold tight to the belief that something much better lies ahead for my little family and me.

Some may feel this topic isn't suitable for a business blog but for me, this blog is more than just a place to connect with customers ~ it serves as a window to the world and for this isolated graphic artist who's full-time job has been to work from home these past 6 years, it's all too often been the only connection I've had to some of the dearest souls I've ever known.

So this is an f.y.i. posting to let you all know why... why my postings have been less frequent, why I've struggled to keep up with my custom orders, and why I'm behind in my classwork. Although I've managed to continue creating, granted at a much slower pace than my norm, it seems that when it comes to mixing pain with creative inspiration they're more like oil & vinegar for me.

This posting isn't any easier to end than it was to begin so I'll leave it with this simple reflection... that life is a journey we all make together ~ some paths are easier to share than others but there's still always something to be gathered from our time together. Although I'm currently experiencing a course adjustment, I still love hearing from you ~ whether it's a few simple words of encouragement or a lengthy email of your own trials and triumphs ~ every word touches my heart and helps to reassure. And thank you... thank you for being the most wonderful souls to ever grace my life ~ you truly are a gift from heaven.

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