A Dream~

I had a dream last night~ I was interviewing for a graphic design team and awoke knowing the job was mine. It was a great dream! Maybe my brain is getting in gear ~ knowing full well I have to begin finding a suitable full-time income to support my son and me. I'm really hoping to stay within the field I love ~ Graphic Design ~ and with my newly acquired skills in print design from this past semester I'm even better equipped than before. Now I just need a few good leads and I'm off~

Semester finals are finally behind me and these are the two final projects I submitted. I thought it was only fitting to use my soon-to-be ex as Zeus (LOL!) and it got me an A so I'm happy with that~

I'm not huge fan of working on Sci-Fi either but this earned me an A in my other class as well so I couldn't be happier~

With this semester behind me I'm finally catching up on outstanding projects and should soon have a hefty posting of completed custom creations to share with you all. In the meantime I hope you're all wrapping up your last minute shopping and enjoying a wonderful week!


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