While We Wait~

Now that you've all entered my Holiday Giveaway (you have entered, haven't you??) and rummaged through the list of other fabulous holiday giveaways on my sidebar, I thought it would be fun to share this fabulous short video from my darling friend Cindy over at Whimsical Musings.

It's a brief inspirational message titled "Start a Blog: It Gives a Woman a Voice" and is based off her number one selling ebook on Amazon titled Blogging: It's a Woman Thing. The video is a perfect way to share with friends and family about blogging so feel free to pass it on to those you long to see in blogland!

Cindy also offers more fabulous goodies to inspire the creative soul in all of us such, as her free seminar "Amazing Art Adventure", as well as several other inspirational and creative books she sells through Amazon. So checkout her delightfully artistic messages over a Whimsical Musings to find out more and be sure to pass the word about my giveaway ~ ending this Sunday!


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