A Few Sponsor Shout Outs~

For those of you who frequent my blog you may have noticed a few new sponsors on the sidebar lately and so I'd like to take a moment to introduce you to them...

Daily Etsy Contest

For those of you who enjoy Etsy here's a real treat and honestly a rather addicting one... Daily Etsy Contest features duels between various Etsy sellers. Visit the site and you're immediately captivated by the endless stream of choices ~ case in point, which would you choose?

Both are lovely handmade creations that took a good bit of time to create but you can only choose one.

To choose just click on the corresponding purple arrow and' voila!' ~ you're hooked! For sellers, it's a great way to gain exposure for your own creations and fun to see if you're a popular choice with voters. So stop by and t-r-r-r-y-y-y it ~ you'll love it! And to find more fabulous goodies, visit their blog too!

Next up is Mylana, a wonderful Etsy shop filled with all sorts of fabulous handmade finds ~ Here are a few goodies that definitely caught my attention...
from melting tarts and candles to darling handmade jewelry creations there's something to delight the senses and with their prices your wallet won't mind either!
Memory Bound

Next we have a wonderful brick and mortar location, Memory Bound ~ a full service scrapbook & papercrafting retailer that's just minutes from the heart of the Dallas metroplex in Texas. I know several of you are from that area and so if you're looking for your favorite scapbooking brands or some of the harder to find ones like "Dusty Attic" chipboard then stop by Memory Bound!
Doesn't their store look amazing! Definitely the type I could get lost in for hours and come out with a plethora of new goodies to play with ~ I'm thinking 'road trip'!
Beyond the Lillypad

Now I know many of you have seen Beyond the Lillypad listed in some of my sponsor themed giveaways but have you really looked at their incredible Etsy shop?? I was perusing their offerings today and "Wow!" is all I can say. Just take a look at this 12th century Roman Glass Bronze Ring...

Or the ancient 2-5th century Roman key!!

Yeah, I was just as impressed and the most amazing part is their listings come in all price ranges so there's really something for everyone!
So that's just a sampling of the many lovely locales you'll find over in the "Sponsors" section of my blog and I hope you've enjoyed this little meet and greet. Do take a few moments to visit these wonderful, wonderful sites ~ each is so unique and I just couldn't be more delighted to have them as sponsors.

And... without giving too much away, we have a wonderful sponsor based giveaway extravaganza we're cooking up so keep your eyes open for that a little later this month and as always...


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