it's mine...

Birthdays are a strange thing for me ~ I haven't received a birthday card, call, or email wish from my Dad in nearly 20 years. It's his way of saying he doesn't approve of the person I've become ~ my parents were socialites, you know... keeping up with the Jones and I chose a different path ~ I wanted to like the person I saw in the mirror at the end of the day. Funny how that works isn't it ~ we really can't choose our families ~ but friends are a different story and I feel they're a far better reflection of who we are. Look at mine... you may live miles away, some of you I've never even met in person, but you are the dearest, warmest treasures in all the world. You bring me smiles, warm my heart, and ensure each day is filled with immense gratitude.The families we create are another example too ~ case in point... my middle son threw a surprise birthday party this past weekend for his girlfriend. From planning to prep, he handled the entire event himself and in the end? She was surprised and delighted! To have raised children who thrill in pleasing others is just another reflection of who we are and I couldn't be prouder of mine.
So today I'm celebrating being me ~ it's really just another day but it's taken over half a century of "just another days" to become the person I am and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't stop in some small way and say "thank you". Following your heart and your dreams is never easy, it's contrary to that typical world out there, but personally I'd rather be 'me' ~ it took a lot of work and heartache to get here but in the end it's a gift I get to open and appreciate everyday.


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