I was logging into my blog this morning when to my surprise I saw this...

The thing is, I'm used to seeing this...

It seems that although Blogger has postponed it's mandatory change to the new format ~ primarily because of the major uproar from bloggers ~ it's still trying to switch us over, whether we like it or not.

For those of you like me who are holding onto the old layout until the bitter end, you can easily switch back to the old view. Simply click the gear icon on the right side, to show a drop down menu, and select "Old Blogger interface". I wrote a brief tutorial with screen shots and you can view that by clicking here.

Eventually we will all be moved over but hopefully by then those of us who offer support will have finished updating our tutorials to help with learning the new layout.

So in the meantime, hang in there... and, if you feel like letting Blogger know how you feel you can leave feedback at this link.


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