New Blog Themes

Today is the day I had hoped to participate in the wonderful, annual event "Mad Tea Party" over at Fanciful Twist ~ Vanessa is a marvel at whimsical creations and certainly a huge inspiration to me but sadly work, school, and the new pink are all keeping me w-a-a-a-y too busy so I'll have to forgo the festivities for this year. It's a wonderful event though and a great way to meet new friends in blogland so if you get a chance, hop on over and join in.

What I do have for you today are two new blog themes and they're a bit whimsical in their own right if I do say so myself. Both have been in the works for along time and I'm so happy to finally have them finished and available to all of you!

The first theme titled Bound Together offers a wonderful eclectic mix that's perfect for the writer or book lover. I created this theme with a more masculine color theme in the hop of providing a theme that the guys might like too. There's a big untapped male audience out there and I certainly don't want to leave them out in the cold so if you know of any guys looking for a great theme this might be just for them.

The second theme is title Summer Carnival and as it's title suggests, it offers a trip down the fairway with cotton candy and popcorn just around the corner. It's colors are more vibrant and the feel is one that's perfect for any late summer blog.

I hope you enjoy these new themes, as always you can see all of the goodies related to these by clicking on the theme titles or images above.


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