Don't you hate it when you make a mistake, I know I do?! And of course there's nothing worse than making one in public. *sigh* It seems my most recent mistake was while creating the Return to Oz theme I completely forgot about Mr. Scarecrow, sheesh! I mean really... poor guy, completely left out in the cold. And the irony is he's my favorite character ~ who doesn't love to "...while away the hours and consulting with flowers..."!? Funny story ~ that song used to pop into my head whenever I went through something in my last marriage, I'm not sure if I wished I had a brain or wished my ex did. I digress....

Anyhoo, for all of you who picked up a free copy of the Return to Oz banner, you can grab the newer version which now includes the Scarecrow. Just click on the title or image above to view the theme page ~ the banners are posted at the bottom. The free versions will be available under Sunday, August 5th.


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