A Sunflower

I was hoping to pull a few additional posts together this week but my resources just didn't pan out, so instead I'm posting a few photos of sunflowers from our garden.

Each year my son and I sit and plant sunflower seeds. It's something we've done ever since I can remember. It's his thing in the garden every year and I can't imagine our spring without it.

We've had a lot of mixed results through the years; from birds eating the seeds to squirrels running away with whole heads in their mouths. So it's usually a "hope for the best" while we hold our breath and wait. This year he had an especially successful crop and we couldn't be happier.

It means even more at this age ~ I guess because you don't expect a teenage boy man to sit down and plant seeds with you. That, and you don't know how many more springs he'll be doing it with you. So I guess it's just one of those treasures in life you take while you can get ~ kind of like that sunflower... you know sooner or later it will fade away but you'll always cherish it's beauty.

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