New Tutorial ~ Installing the Picture Window Template

In between custom orders I've been feverishly working to update my tutorials list and prefab blog themes.  The tutorials have been terribly outdated and I miss being able to help empower other bloggers.  My prefab themes need new background sizes and codes as well as new additions to the list of sidebar tags.  It's a daunting task but I've been chipping away at it little by little.

Today I'm super happy to announce that I've finally finished writing a new tutorial titled: How to: Setup the Picture Window Template. This new tutorial enables bloggers to install and modify the Picture Window template so that most Designer Blog Themes can be beautifully displayed without built-in template features interferring with the look of the Designer's theme.

The Picture Window template replaces the old Minima template and works beautifully ~ yes, I'm even using it on my own blog, and updating opens up a world of additional features in Blogger's Template Designer that were previously unavailable with the older templates.

You can find this new tutorial by clicking the title link above, visiting the Tutorials page of my blog, or if you're a mobile user, here's the direct link:

And for those of you still struggling with understanding the basics of templates vs. themes, I've updated my questions and answers sheet titled: Answering Basic Design Questions for Blogger Blogs. You can click that title or this direct link: