Thanksgiving Weekend and a Gun

I planned on getting a posting or two up earlier in the week but the days just flew by in a blur of catch-up work. The kids wound up staying through the weekend and we had such a wonderful time just being together.  We baked and ate and painted and played ~ it was wonderful.

One of the ways we passed our time was by admiring my oldest son's newest talent ~ tattooing.  I've always appreciated his innate artistic abilities.  From sculpting to costume making his imagination is inspiring and endless, but I honestly had no idea he would be that good with a tattoo gun.

He only just began tattooing a few weeks ago when we gifted him a tattoo gun and supplies for his 25th birthday.  Here is one of the first tattoos he did...

  ...yes, I did say one of the first.

I have to admit I've never thought of getting a tattoo myself ~ I'm not sure if it's my debutant up-bringing or my loathing of needles, but it's just never interested me.


I would however do just about anything for my sons and so with the repeating "Oh common mom" I found myself with a tiny lavender star permanently affixed to my hand.

To gain practice my son has even been tattooing himself.  Being someone who can cut my own hair I don't question the ability quite as much as some but still admire the skill it takes, especially knowing that these little things really do hurt.

He does a wonderful job with that as well but there are those few times when an extra set of hands can help a bit...

I think I'll stick to a paintbrush and a mouse but it was fun to try.

I have to admit that although our holiday activities are a bit unconventional at times, I'm happy we live outside of the standard family clich├ęs...

and I simply can't wait to see what Christmas holds in store ~ *smile*