Through out the year I have the immense pleasure of being gifted with the beautiful imagery of a Jacuqie Lawson card from caring friends.  I love them for a multitude of reasons ~ from being selected to receive one as a gift, to the beautiful animated imagery I aspire to create one day as a graphic artist.  They truly make the holidays bright!

 Jacquie Lawson image ~ copyright Jacquie Lawson

This Thanksgiving my oldest son and his wife are coming out to visit with three little ones in tow.  I remember those days and it's hard to believe I'm now on the visiting end of that circle of life.  It's a role I welcome with open arms though. I get go hug my children, meet my youngest granddaughter, see how much my grandson has grown, and bake cookies with my big-girl granddaughter.
I'm sure our days will be filled with lots of chatter, laughter, and not enough sleep ~ sounds like the perfect holiday weekend to me. So while the crowds are out in droves hitting the stores (or perhaps each other) we'll be celebrating the old fashioned way ~ with warmth, family, and love.

Here's wishing you all the same and so much more!