Custom Order of a Different Sort

Over the past six weeks I've had the pleasure of working on a very lovely custom order set.  A new customer had visited my Etsy shop and fell in love with the "Delicate Walk" bracelet ~

...her hope was to have me create a coordinating necklace.  I quickly got to work contacting the focal bead artist, the most amazingly talented Zuda Gay, to see if she could create a matching focal pendant. These type of flower focals can be tricky because the artist uses polymer canes and once the original color combination is used up it can be tough to recreate.  Fortunately Zuda was able to accommodate my request and within a short time the new focal had arrived.

From there it was a matter of coming up with some coordinating side beads.  I original made the side beads I used in the bracelet but being without a proper torch or annealing kiln these days, I needed to find an alternative source.  Fortunately there are a few beading artists I like on Etsy and so within a few weeks several custom lampwork bead orders began to arrive.

The assembly was exciting and fun ~ it's wonderful to see a project you've worked on for some time, finally all come together.  The end result is this matching set that both the customer and I love.

I hadn't realized how similar these type of projects are to the custom order blog themes I create but they too possess the ability to create something truly special for someone and to connect with the person I'm creating for ~ I think in this crazy busy world we share, that's a true gift in itself.