New Prefab Themes

As I've been working through my prefab themes to switch everything over to work with the newer Blogger templates I've also been taking the time to create a few new prefab themes. This was one part of my work that I let fall to the side with the increase in custom projects last year. I'm happy to be putting more focus on this part of creating ~ I always have so many ideas flying around in my head that it's nice to let a few out.  So here is a sampling of some of the new themes you can find under the Themes section...

I originally created this theme as a subtle backdrop for the blog I use to create screenshots for my tutorials.  After several requests from followers I've now published this for public use.

 I've wanted to do a horse theme for such a long time and am happy to finally have a start. I'm looking to add more color selections of this in the near future.

 I was a bit ashamed of the meager offering I have for winter themes so this is hopefully the first of several new ones to help us warm the winter months and chance those wintery blues away.

 This theme was a custom reject ~ yes, I actually get those from time-to-time.  A giveaway winner decided to keep her own blog theme so all of the elements are free including the banner.

I'll have more coming in the future as I continue to work my way through the sea of themes and backgrounds.  I hope you enjoy these new looks and all the goodies they include!