Seasonal Themes & a Tutorial

I was hoping to be further along with updating my blog themes but it seems to be a never ending task at this stage. I'm sure that's not really the case and instead is like anything else in life ~ a lot of baby-steps until we finally arrive at our goal.  Happily I was able to update all of my Valentine's Day themes so those are ready for use.

While updating some of my older themes I'm finding that the newer creative skills I've gained through the years are kicking in and I'm not only updating the sizes but giving some of them a whole new look and feel too. Case in point is the Je T'aime theme ~ once featuring a nice weathered harlequin background and a few red daisies with not much else going on, it now boasts an eclectic mix of rusty vintage elements with hints of Shabby Chic.  It's fun to "upgrade" my own designs and even more fun to see if you'll like them as well.

You can view all of my Valentine's Day themes by clicking the images and titles below or access them through the Seasonal Themes link on my sidebar:

Since several of these themes offer free banners I thought it was about time I put together a tutorial for adding a blog title to a banner image.  I know this is something that's been challenging for some of you so now you can follow along with this newest tutorial ~ How to Add Text to a Blog Header.

I'm sure this month will go by super fast, they all seem to anymore, so here's hoping it's filled with loads of creativity and inspiration for all of you!