The Bucket

Gee I wish that title had something to do with an exciting "list" but sadly it doesn't.  No instead it's related to a certain online storage site that's quickly climbed to the top of my loathing list. It's not a very big list and it takes an awful lot to get there.

For the past 3 years I, along with many other theme designers, have been using Photobucket for our online storage. Paying for a Pro account was affordable and most importantly they offered the ability to store large size images for easy online use.  Much to my surprize and apparently a sea of others, Photobucket is discontinuing this feature. Whether permanently or not, it's a tough blow to many, and for some of us it's down right disastrous.  As I explained it to one colleague  it's like watching a tidal wave approach but not knowing exactly when it will hit.

Not being the sort to curl up in a ball and cry (that was yesterday) I've now taken on the immense task of creating a new website. It's something I had planned on doing but certainly not under these circumstances.  So if by some horrible chance you suddenly see your Plumrose Lane background disappear please know that I'm working around the clock to try and remedy the situation as quickly as possible. I will keep you posted as updates happen and remember you can always follow along on my Facebook page at:  I'm going to try adding more frequent updates there as well.  So here's to drier seas ahead for all of us in the very near future.