Graduation Day

Today is my youngest son's graduation from high school.  I simply can't believe how quickly the years have gone by and that we've finally arrived at this place.  Having our days filled with all the typical errands of a graduating senior, it's easy to get caught up in the chaos, but the heart of a mom pulls me back during quieter moments and bathes me in a sea of memories.

a favorite summer treat

The truth is life hasn't been what I'd wished for my young ancient soul ~ he's already faced hardships I would never wish on anyone but through these experiences we've both learned that we truly are not defined by these moments and we can rise above great odds to maintain a sense of purpose and integrity.

taken the year he won the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence

Like any mom, I'm immensely proud of his accomplishments ~ from taking leadership rolls in GSA and YAG to performing in our local summer theater and regional Latin convention, our little (not so, anymore) star has shined as bright as he could.  His love of Latin and excellence in Calculus has left us a bit perplexed at times but they give-way to our immense admiration for his achievements.

running Youth and Government meeting

This fall he'll be moving on to accepting his college scholarship and our home will be that much quieter.  It's strange to face the pending future of an empty nest, but for now I have the pleasure of relishing in these final few months of playing mom to a resident teenager.

Senior Prom

No one really ever prepares us for these moments and even though we see them far off in the distance they have a way of appearing at our door, always a bit too early and seemingly unannounced. So just as so many other moms have done before me, I'll cherish these moments, wish I had the past ones to live again, and look forward to the future milestones that I'm certain will arrive too fast themselves.