I'm not sure if I should jump for joy or collapse in exhaustion but after over 2 months of grueling work I've finally finished my first WordPress custom blog template.

Much of the time was spent learning the ins-and-outs of working with WP themes and child themes, a lot of which was through online college video training (thank you Jordan♥).  I also had the occasional assistance of a techy who's help I could not have done without (thank you, you know who you are).

I ran into other issues with this particular project, in that this blog runs on the Genesis Framework. It's a fantastic array of built-ins but makes for some very complicated coding and dissecting too.

All-in-all I've learned so much it blows my mind and I'm really looking forward to transferring all of my prefab themes over to this new platform.  I've begun accepting orders from my previous customers who've migrated over to Wordpress and I'm looking forward to filling some long awaited custom orders too, as I've had so many requests throughout the years that it'll be nice to finally say "yes" to them.

You can check out the migrated theme at this link: