PrL Sidebar Images

I was recently contacted by a new visitor who wanted to give credit back for using one my free sidebar frame tags. I'm always so pleased when I encounter people who are anxious to give credit where credit is due, it instills such hope in this world and especially blogland.

It got me thinking about my sidebar badge though and how it may be beneficial to offer a few variations, especially smaller images for those who would like to give some credit back but would prefer a simpler or smaller look. And so I've added a few new images which you can find below.

Custom Blog Design by PrL

Custom Header by PrL

Custom Blog Elements by Plumrose Lane

Blog Makeover by PrL

Website Makeover by PrL

Plumrose Lane

Simply copy the code below the image you like and paste it into an html/javascript gadget box and if you need any help with using the code for blog buttons or badges click here for a handy step-by-step tutorial.

I've also added a new animated "Grab One of My Buttons" badge to the side bar of my blog and to really spice things up, I've created it in an animated gif format. It's the first time I've worked on an animated gif image, at least since ages ago when I used to play in Flash, and although it needs a little work it's not a bad first attempt.

So thanks again to all of you who look to give credit back, you make me love what I do even more!