Shout Out for Handmade

Normally I don't venture too far beyond graphic design on this blog and although that may change over time - given the vision I have for this little budding business of mine - today I just had to give a shout out to what I feel is a great cause.

One of the regular arrivals in my inbox is the Scoutie Girl newsletter, basically it's a copy of their daily blog post and I find it a great way to keep up on all the fun indie finds they come across. But today Tara over at Scoutie Girl has taken matters into her own hands and wrote a letter to Oprah (yes, THE Oprah) in the hope of driving a campaign to help handmade get the recognition it deserves. I like this idea and what Tara is trying to accomplish and so I'm casting my own little spotlight on her movement in the hope you might venture over to her online letter and help spread the word.

Whether I'm working with jewelry design, graphic design, or some other creative outlet that strikes my momentary mood, ultimately I live in the realm of handmade. I make handmade, buy handmade and support it vehemently over large corporations that line our urban and suburban streets. So won't you join me in taking a look at the Tara's letter and help spread the news. There are handy little Facebook and Twitter buttons located just below the letter to assist in spreading the word.