Where Bloggers Create II

I'm absolutely delighted to be participating in this year's Where Bloggers Create. Today is the big day were bloggers from around the globe share with their visitors the places where they create their magic. Now obviously most of my creative time is spent inside my little mind where images and designs are constantly whirling about but since I'm unable to give you a glimpse of that inner mess, I've decided to do my best to capture the inspirational locations where I create.

Although most of my visitors know me exclusively for my graphic designs I've spent much of the past five years working from home as a jewelry artist. Although I'm in the process of leaving a large portion of that behind as I move back into working with graphics full time, I do still work some with jewelry and so I am going to show where I work on jewelry AND where I work on my grahics.

The first work area is my computer desk...
I work from an antique desk which has been in my husband's family for many, many years. I couldn't live without the two monitors I use, although I remember not long ago when I was reluctant to add a 2nd monitor. Whether I'm cropping jewelry images or working on a new blog theme, Photoshop CS3 is my preferred software tool.

My co-workers...
My son, who attends cyber school from our home, sits just on the other side of my two monitors. He and our two cats are the best co-worker/companions I could ever ask for.

I'm never at a loss for inspiration....
On the shelves behind me sit the extensive collection of cards, letters, and gifts I've received from all the friends I've made in blogland over the past several years.
Sometimes it's utterly amazing to believe how many lives have crossed my path and touched my heart through blogging - most of whom I have never met in person - and I cannot imagine my life without the blessings each of them has left me.

The second area is my jewelry work desk...
I work from an old desk we purchased second hand from a local university. Here I am also surrounded by the inspiration of online friend's creations, their photographs, and personal notes as well as a selection of colorful beads, wires and baubles.

I'm immensely blessed and forever grateful for the gifts blogging and my travels through blogland have imparted in my life♥

And now, to say thank you for taking the time to visit and read about my little corner of the world, I will be giving away one of my original key holders...This particular key holder is my favorite and I've been holding it for this special occasion. The title is "Malika" and it has so many whimsical details to it (my personal favorite is the ornate dangling key).

All you need to do to be entered for a chance to win is leave a comment on this post. Be sure you leave a way for me to contact you in case you win, such as an email address or link to your blog. To give everyone enough time to visit and enter, I will hold this giveaway open until June 26th.

Good luck to everyone and as always...