Music in my Magic button

I was leaving a thank you today for some lovely comments left on my blog and without thinking wrote "...the music in my magic". My thinking was that every comment makes my heart sing and if my heart is the source of the magic in the work I do (which of course it is (*winks*) then the comments left must be the music in that magic. I loved the thought of this so much I created a new blog button and so here it is, for all you lovelies who share in the work I love doing and fill my heart with sweet inspiration...

Music in my Magic button
I love the larger version so much I'm posting that one too♥

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Creating is fascinating to me because the truth is I look at the images I create and think "wow, that's great" - as though it was created by someone else. And that's really how it feels. I honestly don't know where the ideas come from. Rather than setting out with a plan, it's more like putting pieces of a puzzle together and when it's finished you look and say, "ah, that's what it was supposed to be". It's all rather strange but I thought I'd share it with you since you're reading this far.

Now, the thought of a new button reminded me that I've noticed in my blogland travels that some of you struggle with having white background behind your images. Since I create most of my buttons, badges, and sidebar tags with clear backgrounds it only seems far to share with you some info about how to maintain a clear background behind the smaller images. And so I've created a little step-by-step tutorial to help out with this...