About Time - A Few Features

I figured it was about time I stick my head in here. It's not that I haven't been around ~ always working in the background with the elves & fairies ~ but I just haven't posted anything new in a bit and that's never a good thing.

I was busying myself with a new blog theme project, one I created for the lovely Lisa of The Wright Stuff. It was an absolute pleasure working with this talented writer/artist/mum and she made the job nearly effortless in supplying her own artwork for the background.

I also wanted to mention a recent purchase I made from a fantabulous etsy shop "A Soulful Journey". While I often make purchases on through this fantastic online venue, some purchasing experiences are more memorable than others. There's certainly something to be said about taking your time in packaging your creations in a lovely manner and I am fully confident in saying that this seller outdoes them all.

My purchase was that of a couple of handmade gift tags with a vintage motif ~ beautiful in their own right with the hand folded flowers glazed in iridescent fairy dust with beautiful adornments and dangling ribbons & wisps ~ but I must say the entire experience of opening the package with its individually hand wrapped containers adorned in lace, ribbons, flowers, feathers and decorative tags, left this creative soul feeling that nothing short of ¸.·*´magic´*·.¸ must have accompanied my purchase.

And so it's my pleasure to recommend A Soulful Journey and it's enchanting owner, Paula, her shop title speaks for itself - even down to the tiniest handmade tag.

I'm currently working on a few large tutorials and several custom blog projects but hope to have a new theme up in the midst so while you wait, as always, I hope you...


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