A VeRy Special Opportunity

I've just found out about a very special opportunity and I just had to share it with you...

Willowing is offering a free online Art Class!!

I've signed up myself and am absolutely bowled over with excitement and gratitude for this wonderfully talented artist and her generosity in offering a free class. The truth is, if I had the money I would pay her (or certainly make a donation) but these pockets are still a bit empty and so because of this talented artist's giving nature, I and so many others like me, now have the opportunity to take an online course.

Another amazing aspect to the course is the theme which is all about healing and gratitude ~ just what the doctor ordered *sniff*. If you watch the video you'll hear a very clear explanation of all the wonderful aspects of this course, many of which had me in tears of joy. Here's a link to the Youtube video for more info: ♥Link
To join; simply sign up for Willowing's new Ning community and to help out; spread the word so that those who can afford to take her classes will. I assure you that once this little graphic artist takes off I will be back with cash in hand at Willowing's door. ;D In the meantime, I hope to see you there and...