Once Upon a Pink October - blog theme

Once upon a cool September night an overworked graphic artist thought about the coming month of October... this had long been one of her favorite months, not just for the childhood strolls down memory lane with goblins and candy corn abounding, but for her annual participation in Going Pink for October, for another childhood memory was how she had lost her Mom to breast cancer.

She felt the annual struggle once again, of how to combine the beloved festiveness of Halloween with her fervent desire to once again participate and support the essential campaign for Going Pink in October. She thought long and hard and then it came to her... why not combine the two?? Pink witches on broomsticks?? Black damask with pink flowers?? Spiders weaving pink ribbons?? Why in her mind's eye it seemed quite possible. And so, with a little extra help from the fairies and elves, as well as a goblin or two, and in honor of my Mom... this artist presents to you...

Once Upon a Pink October

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