Winning Giveaways?? Someone Has To ;)

Recently I was fortunate enough to win a fabulous giveaway offered by Shaiha's Ramblings through the Practical Magic Blog Party, the prize being a gorgeous set of handmade goddess earrings and a $25 gift certificate to Amazon, so the winner could buy their own copy of Practical Magic ~ too cool!

So with the gift certificate I jumped at the opportunity to replace my long lost copy of Practical Magic as I had to give it up years ago when my children and I went through hard times (yes, sometimes life is just that difficult) and I'm thrilled to have it back on our book shelf again!

I also bought this book, If Life Is a Game, These Are The Rules. The book is a gift for my neighbor's daughter who lost her job after 30 years when a local manufacturer closed down. It's the only job she's ever had and she's been struggling with what direction to move on to. I read the book ages ago and although it's filled with loads of great info, I couldn't help but remember the part about finding a job that's meant for you based on doing what you truly love.

And so a huge thanks goes out to Shay of Shaiha's Ramblings for her generous giveaway♥ Not only for blessing me with this wonderful movie that I've missed these past 5 years but for the opportunity to potentially help someone else.

Speaking of giveaways, there are several posted on my right sidebar that are quite enticing, some offer a prize-a-day during the month of October, while others are just drop dead gorgeous creations like that of my dear friend Kathleen over at Charm Bracelet Diva. So good luck to all of you who enter and as always...