Good Times, Good Friends & Johnnie

I'm back... all is in one piece or as it should be and I can't help but laugh at the title I selected for this blog posting, as I know a few others will too.

The weekend was a smashing success! It was an absolute honor to finally meet my dear friend in-person and we had SO much fun! The area is gorgeous too and I loved Madison with it's artistically eclectic State Street ~ mesmerizing!

standing in front of the Pink Poodle trying one of those goofy hand-held shots

I must say I'm exhausted from all the gallivanting and it's difficult to catch up on work and all I should be doing ~ the couch & an old movie feel sooo inviting ~ but there's always loads to be done. I know several of you wrote to me while I was away asking for help with blogging issues and I'll get those responses out just as soon as I can.

my two wonderful hosts ~ aren't they a darling !?!

While the weekend overflowed with activities like shopping and lunches out, delicious dinners and dancing the night away in costume with lovely handsome finds like ♪Johnnie♫, it was also filled with SO much more....

the spellbinding witch & the washed up beauty queen

It seems the universe seemed to knew that this little starving artist was hungry for more than just the usual daily cravings and so it not only brought into my life two of the most generous and kindest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, it also brought some long over due nourishment for this overly giving heart in the form of soulful enlightenment, pleasure, and relaxation.

So although I've said it in abundance, I'll pen it here as well and say thank you from the bottom of my heart to my dear friends for a weekend that surpassed my dreams.


For a complete overview of what we did over the weekend, visit my sweet friend Teresa's blog.