Up, Up and Away...

I will be taking off for the skies this weekend, with broom in hand of course, as I'm off to visit my dear, dear friend Teresa, woohoo! She lives a few states away and so I'll be hopping some planes as I make my way to the lovely state of Wisconsin ~ whoot!

I have a few firsts to experience this weekend... first time to Wisconsin.... first time getting to meet my sweet friend.... first time leaving my child and fury companions in the trusted hands of my husband for an entire weekend (gulp! ~ we'll not think about that one and hope for the best). The excitement definitely wins out over any worries though and there's loads of fun planned ~ eating out, shopping in quaint nooks, a night on the town in costume, and even a *secret* appointment of relaxation on Sunday ~ ooooh... aaaah!

It's bound to be a whirlwind weekend and just the thought of backing away from this computer for a few days ~ yes... I will be pushing that "off" button (another gulp!) ~ is a huge step for this workaholic graphic artist but the greatest thing I get to experience this weekend is the company of a timeless friendship ~ sheer magick!

So, I wish you all a wonderful weekend, for those of you celebrating Halloween ~ a frightfully good time and as always...