New! Holiday Themes

Oh me, oh my, it's been a busy week! I began working on a few new holiday themes last weekend after receiving a few requests from visitors and after nearly a week of feverishly working away with the elves and faeries close at hand I'm happy to say I've completed not one... not two... but five new holiday themes just in time for the season.

While several are fitting for Christmas, you can also find a Hanukkah theme fitting for any festival of lights. I still have a few more ideas on the board including a Yule and a Kwanzaa theme so hopefully I haven't worn out my little helpers too much and can get those out shortly.

These themes offer a plethora of options from a variety of whimsical sidebar tags to a diversity of banner styles ~ some vintage and some more playfully modern. Plus there's always room to mix and match to create your own unique look.

There's also an extra treat with the 'Tis the Season theme in that the banner can be personalized your family member's names ~ how fun is that!?!

So simply follow the images and links below to find the complete pages chock full of goodies for each theme.

Auld Langs

Flickering Festival


Merry & Bright

'Tis the Season

And from our little corner of the internet to yours the elves, faeries and I wish you all a very festive and joyous holiday season and as always...


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