Recent Awards and New Buttons

I've recently had the pleasure of being recipient to several blogging awards ~ always such an immense honor. From the very beginning I made a habit that whenever I was fortunate enough to receive an award I would instead take the opportunity to create a few new blog buttons. This 'policy' for lack of a better term has served two purposes, the first being that it got me out from under the impossible task of selecting only a handful of blogs from the hundreds of gorgeous ones I frequent, to pass the award onto, and second it allows me the opportunity to give something back by creating some new sidebar bling.

And so I would like to thank those of you who recently selected my blog as one of your fortunate recipients and offer all of the the following new buttons...

Candy to my Heart

Your Comments Rock

Award Free Zone

This badge was inspired by one of my frequent visitors, Annabelle or CassieBeeze ~ thanks so much for the scrapping suggestion Annabelle!
Scrapper's Word

An finally, my dear friend Teresa recently celebrated her birthday and so this one is in her honor...
Wish me a Happy

These buttons will be taking up their permanent residence in the elements section of my site and if you need help with installing them, please check out my step-by-step instructions found by clicking here.

And as always...


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