Customer Appreciation Sale

Let's face it... sales and marketing are not my forté. While I understand the importance of both, I don't possess a personal knack for either.

That's why at the beginning of year I decided to make a New Years resolution ~ I would follow suit with my favorite online graphics wholesaler and every time they held a sale, I would hold one too. I figured if nothing else it would take the guess work and headaches out of creating my own sales.

And so it turns out my favorite wholesaler is holding a Customer Appreciation Sale! Little did I know they would hold them so often, I think this might be the third one this month, but in keeping with my resolution I'm once again holding a SaLe.

In sticking with this resolution it also means following suit and using the same percentages my favorite wholesaler uses. While I can't quite figure out how they come up with their amounts, it turns out this week's is for 18.7% off ~ I've decided to round up to 20%, again to save headaches.

And so... from now through January 18th I'm having a sale in my Etsy and Artfire shops. Just use the coupon code below during checkout to save 20% off everything...

coupon code: Jan2011thanks


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