A Personal Project

Last night I had the pleasure of working on a personal project ~ my son needed a banner for his online community account. He's a member of an electronics/gaming community that recently added the option for member's to sport a personal banner on their community blogs.

Now although my son is one of my biggest supporters, always complimenting the work I do for others, it's a high bar to reach when your customer is the resident 15 year old critic ~ especially when it comes to anything personal. Gone are the years when Mom knew best and could fix anything with a kiss.

Still I'm always up for a challenge when it comes to pleasing my children and so below is the outcome of my endeavors...

He supplied some of his favorite gaming images and the-powers-that-be supplied the rest, namely an intuitive feel for giving him "the look he didn't know he wanted until he saw it". whew!

I hope you're all enjoying some personal projects of your own ~

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