New Tutorial - The Basics of "Following" & "Followers"

Recently a friend/customer and fellow blogger ran into some issues with the "Following" feature ~ namely, sometimes her identity was showing up as anonymous and other times it turned out she wasn't following the blog at all. While it's difficult to say whether this was simply a Blogger glitch, there have been far too many lately, or whether this is an issue that can be easily resolved, I figured it wouldn't hurt to cover some basics on the "Following" feature.

And so I've created a new tutorial titled The Basics of "Following" & "Followers" which highlights some of the key points of Following and even offers a little troubleshooting. Simply click on the title above to view the tutorial or find it in the future on the Tutorials page.

I hope this helps to make your adventures in Blogland that much more enjoyable and stress free ~


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